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I share a grandfather with The Lovely Betty whose post you'll also find in this forum. My other grandfather, Walter Arthur Keeler, enlisted in the cavalry near the start of the war. The horrors he experienced in that unit (in addition to the fact that his personally-trained horse was "requisitioned" by an out-ranking officer) compelled him to transfer (unwisely) to the Royal Air Force. There he served as an observer/gunner until his plane was shot down, killing the pilot. My grandfather survived to return home a physically and mentally shattered man.

His affectionate letters from the front to his sister, Anne, show that he retained his wry humour throughout this nightmare, but they also hint at his increasing desperation. The letters are riddled with the names of fallen friends.

Walter Keeler was a hero because he was a brave survivor who went on to marry my grandmother, Olive Morison, and raise my wonderful, funny mother, Betty Keeler Andrew.

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