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Mary's Wedding
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Heather Day Jeliazkov

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My maternal grandfather was an Alberta farmboy who lied about his age in order to serve in WW1.  Raymond "Red" McPhie signed up with the 202nd. Sportsmen's Batt'n C.E.F. from Edmonton, Alberta and went overseas with that outfit.  Once in England in 1917 he and a few others, including "Wop" May, joined the Royal Flying Corps., then R.F.C. became Royal Air Force.  He was with the RAF until 1919. 

When he came home to Edmonton, Ray met and married my grandmother, and they had 10 children. My grandfather spent the years between the two world wars dividing his time between his family in Alberta and his love of the north (he and a friend, "Sleepy Jim" McDonald, established the town of Yellowknife).  Grandpa served with the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan throughout the 2nd World War, training Allied pilots, including his own sons.  My eldest uncle Raymond Alexander McPhie, was a bomber pilot shot down over Germany in WW2. My grandfather and his children were extremely fortunate.  Everyone came home.  

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