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Nancy Bryant

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My Grandfather, Guy Bryant was born 02 April 1893 in East Angus, Quebec and died 20 February 1990 in Victoria, BC at the age of 97. 
He was in the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (5th CMR)

Battle Honours of the 5th CMR Battalion that they were in:

  • Somme 1916
  • Arras 1917-18
  • Vimy 1917
  • Hill 70 1917
  • Ypres 1917
  • Passchendaele 1918
  • Amiens 1918
  • Cambrai 1918
  • Valenciennes 1918
  • France and Flanders 1915-18

They were in the trenches most of the war, My grandfather had trench foot from the exposure to constant damp and freezing temperatures which bothered him the rest of his life.

He was a Quarter Master Sergeant.

He had a ½ completed dragon tattoo on the inside of his forearm but because the Germans started to shell the town he was in at the time, he never did get it finished. 

I have attached a picture of his medals which are from left to right:

  • The Meritorious Service medal
  • 1914-1915 Star
  • George 5th 1914 - 1918 medal
  • Victory Medal with MID Oak leaf cluster (MID stands for mentioned in dispatches)

I have also attached photos of his lucky 5 Franc piece that he carried in his pocket throughout the war and the note from his Mother in the miniature Bible that she gave him that he also carried throughout the war.

He was such a great man and dearly loved by all of us in the family and by everyone who knew him. 

I didn't know some of this information about my grandfather until I asked my brother to send me a few things to post on the site today. So happy to have participated in this project. Thank you.

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