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Sandra McLellan

My Grandfather, Andrew McLellan, was a farm boy from East Fort Langley, B.C. He was working on a threshing crew in Saskatchewan the summer of 1917 when he signed himself up. I gather farm boys were popular recruits at the time as they were strong, clever with tools, and hard working. He was assigned to a horse regiment and sent on a peace keeping mission to Siberia in 1918.

We have photos of him, and many other handsome young men, on a boat about to ship out. As well,there are images of the horses being loaded. We have also inherited many postcards from Siberia, some with messages sent home and some blank as keepsakes brought home. It must have been an amazing adventure for him and all of the young men. I somehow think it must have been comforting to have the horses along on their journey.

He earned several medals that my Father, Frederick McLellan, remembers seeing as a child. The medals, however, have been lost throughout the decades. Andrew McLellan was a kind man and lived his life as a farmer in East Fort Langley. He married Alma and they had 4 children, Norman, Margaret, Donald, and my father Fred. He passed away when I was 3 1/2 years old .

I have very clear memories of him . I remember him showing me how to sneak my hands under a potato plant to gather potatoes for our dinner. I am proud to carry his name and have passed his story on to my 8 year old son. 

Sandra McLellan, granddaughter.
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